Sewing Again

I feel like it has been ages since I have sat down at my machine. Like blow,blow,blow away the dust long time. It felt good and a full bobbin in the right color was a bonus. I can tell you it wasn't that long ago when threading the bobbin was my undoing. Trust me I still have my sewing challenges but I can totally thread bobbins with no issues. Go me!!
There have been so many things that have kept me away from sewing and really it all boils down to post work exhaustion and tons of obligations. The impending summer brings the reminder to slow down and do what makes me happy. That includes lots of sewing. I finished a quilt that was originally going to be a Christmas  (2011) gift and now it is going to be a belated birthday gift. I guess that has just increased the amount of love that has gone into this baby...from picking the fabric to sewing on and off to looking at it in the sewing pile this quilt was always close to my heart ;) I also started a simple strip quilt for my friend who got married. The wedding was in November I still have a little time,right?!?

the finished one

      the new start


  1. They are both so lovely, beautiful colour combinations:)

  2. Glad you started sewing again! It feels good doesn't it? I remember when threading the bobbin was such a nightmare for me. I had to go up to sears and let one of the associates show me how to do it on one of the display models. Seemed like such a long time ago.

    Love your quilt and can't wait to see more projects that you churn out!

  3. Glad you got back to some me time and it looks like the quilts are worth the wait. Love the color combinations, no doubt they will both be a hit.