Still Journaling

I am still quite smitten with journaling. I will admit that it is rough to keep up and just like blogging I do some really awesome writing in the shower that never quite makes it where it needs to go. Oh well. I won't beat myself up too much since whatever I do is a lot more than what I was doing last year this time ;) Today I got to use some new pens and stickers that my co-worker surprised me with... I love an unexpected nicety.
My journals are a a way to document all of the insanity that is floating around in my head. Plus I get to be all creative too. This month I am looking forward to including two wonderful Mother's Day cards that I received. Some of the stuff I have included include a cutout of Linus that I got when the sewing club girls donated quilts to Project Linus, business card to my son's dentist, tickets to the circus and a fortune. These are things that I would never have held onto but they do mark the thing that I have been through this year. I am loving capturing these moments in this way. I even have some pages that I watercolored while my little man was doing his artwork. How amazing is that!?

Do any of you journal? Let me know what keeps you motivated.


  1. I love the idea of a journal but I just can't seem to commit to putting pen to paper. Looks like you are getting in the flow, what a great way to document those precious memories.

  2. I'm an on and off journaler ( is that a word?!) however, i do wish it was more on than off. I love how you document bits of your life. I just bought a new journal so we'll see what comes of it : )

  3. Love that you're keeping up the journaling. I'd love to have the time to do it... perhaps another year ;)