10 for Tuesday: A quick Taget Run

Here's a peek into my target trip.

The pros: stayed pretty focused, used my reuseable bags, used coupons and got a giftcard for 5.00 off my
                next visit.

The cons: have 2 things that need to be returned (D told me they looked like old lady clothes), bought
                jello (who even knows what that stuff is made of)

1. flexible straws: my son loves these things, I want the paper ones but they aren't at Target
2. Febreze: my 3rd period class is ridiculously funky, I am so glad these exist
3. Up and Up floss: a must and it was on sale too
4. Cover Girl concealer: this stuff lasts a LONG time
5. Jello: see above :)
6. Nicole by Opi the Kardashian Kollection: Wear Something Spar-Kylie
7 & 8: Method Cleaning Products: Cause you gotta clean right
9: Annie's Bunnies for my little honey ;)
10. Bear Naked Granola: Banana is my fave!

So the verdict is I had a great time on my solo trip to the bullseye. I was not paid to review or plug any of these products. I only strayed from my mental list a tiny bit too!

How was your Tuesday?



  1. I'm guessing the straying was that nail polish ;)

  2. Great job not straying too much!! I went yesterday for 1 thing and walked out with 4 things. Whoops!

  3. Truly amazing, list or no list no way to go to Target and stay on track.......I am glad if I can make it out with only 1 or 2 things that I know I don't need