10 for ten: Momma, Mom, Mommy, Mommie

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet....no matter what name you go by or how you acquired the love(s) of your life...this is our week.

10 Mommas

1. My Momma~ she is the epitome of what a mom should be. There are not enough words to express how much love I have for her. Every single day there are reasons why I am proud to be her daughter. They broke the mold when she was made and now I get to see her as Grammy and trust me she is gets better with age ;)
2. Joan Crawford~ she showed me that wire hangers are really unacceptable & grass stains will read in photos.

3. Claire Huxtable~ Smart and dedicated to her family, what a class act.

4. Michelle Obama~ A reminder to remain a star even when your mate is running things.

5.  June Cleaver~ She never let those boys get her flustered. I respect that!

6. Ms. Garrett~ she always gave second chances and support. 

7. Kourtney Kardashian~ she seems SO dedicated to her little one and she is doing Mommyhood on her own terms.

8. Nicole Ritchie~  shows how motherhood transforms you. There is hope for all of us rebels?!

9. Hester Prynne~ of The Scarlet Letter she does dedicated, patient and loving Mom like no one else in literature.

10.  Barbara Brown~ she LOVES Cleveland, Sanaa Lathan is her voice and it is the only animation that I can watch without wanting to take my eyes out :)

So, who's your Momma!?! 

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  1. It is a tough job, but one I would not trade, it's great being a Mom and I appreciate everyday the Mom I am blessed to have, she is the true definition of what the word means. So no matter what you call her there is no one as precious or as in your corner as your Mom.