sunset in California

Driving on the Pacific Coast Highway with my bestie and two riddled up little ones in the backseat was truly one of the highlights of my summer. My only regret was that my time in Cali was too short. Cue the LL Cool J, "Going Back to Cali" and insert the when :)
What has been one of your best summer moments so far?


  1. Love your pictures and your new look! I can't wait to hear details about your trip. I've always wanted to drive along the Pacific coast!!!

  2. Those pics are beautiful! Certainly a better view than I had on the way to Indianapolis! I would say that watching my boys play baseball has been the highlight of my summer. There's nothing like watching them do something they love so much. Smiles~Beth

  3. I miss teh ocean, I've never seen the Pacific, but I LOVE the ocean, maybe someday!