Apples, tee hee- A Laptop Sleeve

The night before my trip to Vegas I realized that I did not have a small bag to put my laptop in for my travels. I was already feeling like a bag lady, between my son's stuff for the 5 hr flight, my stuff, assorted medicines, snacks and the like I needed something that was not huge. After scouring the net for a limited 30 mins, I combined a few tutorials to make my sleeve. It was a quick and easy projects that only required the materials that I had at my fingertips. It took me about an hour to sew and that included some minor seam ripping :)

The verdict: Glad I needed to sew this instead of packing our stuff. I still need to work on my sewing straight lines and my pinking shears were a great little tool to edge the fabric. And well the apple fabric for my Mac was just too silly for words. So that means I love it.

my apologies to the 2-3 tutorials I used to make this, I can't seem to locate you anymore...super sorry! :)


  1. Girl you are becoming a true seamstress, your computer cover is so cute and spot on, love it!

  2. Oh how fun! You finally got to make something for yourself, and it's adorable!!! Well done, lady :)