Maine Vacation- Vintage quilts

Just getting back from our wonderful Maine vacation. There are certainly many reasons why Maine is known as, "Vacationland": the temps (cool breezes in August), the yummy lobster, the numerous waterways and the activities. We had a fantastic time and one of the cool things was the turn of the century restored farm house that we called home. The house was decorated with so many cool touches. One of my favorite things was the quilts that she used to decorate. I really would love to know the story of who made them and why but it was enough just to feast my eyes on them.
1. A quilt that was hanging in the hallway 2. Quilt that was in my room 3. Close-up details of the quilt in my room

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  1. Ooh how fun! It sounds like you stayed in such a neat place! Glad you're home :)