Ten for Tuesday- Lessons from Oprah

Say it ain't so, the final episode of O airs tomorrow. I have learned so much from Ms. Winfrey in all of these years.

1. Make sure I live my best life! No matter what it means for me at the time, I have to make sure I am conscious of the ways that I can live my life to the best.
2. I should always treasure my girlfriends. From Gayle to Maria Shriver, O has some phenomenal friends that she has embraced as her family.
3. Eat well. Not just healthy stuff but if you gotta eat make it good food.
4. Books are the best! Really, find some book that you want to read and devour the pages. It is better if you can bring some friends along on the book reading journey.
5. Love yourself. Flaws and all. Your beauty is inside you.
6. Don't be afraid to speak up. The words that you have inside are worth sharing.
7. Take in the beauty of the world. Every month in her magazine there is a photo referred to as Breathing Space. The beauty of nature can bring so much peace. I love it!
8. Favorite things. You gotta have 'em.
9. A big smile can light up the globe. Really. O is so freaking amazing because she smiles from her soul and you feel the happiness radiating. Amazing.
10. Mistakes, I wish I could tell you that she has done it all without any glitches. She has had a few from hairstyles, dresses, diets and movie flops. BUT and this is the part that counts, she hasn't let her mistakes define her.

I love you Oprah!! Thank you for making my day for so many days. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for being you. If you want to reach out to me seeing as I missed a few of your memorable tapings (Favorite Things, Series finale etc) you can contact me through this blog :)


  1. Thank you for your post! It's 4:06 and I just tuned into to Oprah. I was never a follower, but I feel like I HAVE to see the finale because her show has been such a cultural icon. And she just told me that my power lies within my platform, so long as my life speaks for me, I will live a fulfilling life. And she's right... isn't that why we became teachers?

  2. I wanted to teach for the summer's off :) I kid. I kid. But those words spoke to me too. She really has been a presence in my life...magazine, show, her giveback ways have inspired me.

  3. Looks like you've said it all. She is a phenomenal woman and inspires all of us to reach higher and live better.