Ten for Tuesday the Fitness One

Ten things that really should be exercise and unfortunately aren't :(

1. Wrangling a 31 lbs. toddler in and out of the carseat, up the steps and away from anything more enticing than Momma's numerous requests.
2. Bringing bottled water from my car to my classroom. And since it is not exercise it is reason number 256 not to bother with bottled water.
3. Laundry. Between the sorting, folding and putting away it has to count for something
4. Marathon phone conversations with Z. If that were exercise, I would be invisible.
5. Getting the attention of my students. Yeah, right!
6. Trying to maintain a family. The mental effort is seriously more than a dozen laps.
7. Grocery shopping. The coupons, the list, the remembering the canvas bags...yeah totally worth something.
8. Channel surfing. With a million channels the effort it takes to find something interesting to watch is ridiculous and therefore exercise!
9. Cleaning. Enough said.
10. Sex. Just seeing if you guys were still with me :)

1 comment:

  1. Still with you! LOL

    How about keeping up with all my blogs. Even with Reader, it's a lot of work!