10 for Tuesday, 90 degrees feels like Summer!!

90 degree days singnal that summer is right around the corner. So in prep for summer I thought of some things that I would like to do to occupy my life. I should also say this list is for my N free days, can we say footloose and fancy free!

1. Toes out....I plan on experimenting with color and designs. Out of the comfort zone, baby.
2. Sewing...too many projects. I hope to be a wiz by this summer :)
3. Cuddle time with my hubby. No interruptions!
4. Watching the next installment of The Real Housewives and Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
5. Write, write, write. There are a few stories that I have swirling around in my head that need to get out.
6. Exercise. In a wedding soon.gotta lose some lbs.
7. Surf the net. (Do people still use that phrase) I love wasting time being a lookey loo. Will def. make time for that.
8. Volunteer. I need to find a give back activity that really speaks to me. I am here there and everywhere with giving my time/energy would like to be a bit more focused.
9. Clutter busting. The neverending mass of stuff should be a little less massive.
10. Thrift store runs and garage sales. Yeah, goes against 9 but I plan on being very focused. Vintage sheets and Pyrex are the only things that I am hauling home with me!


  1. Time has a way of flying by so make the most of your N free time...now me on the other hand I think all projects are on hold

  2. Can't wait to enjoy some of that N-free time with you :)