I Freely Admit

I am a giveaway entering fiend. I mean really a fiend. I love the possibility of winning. I love it, I do. I mean I am constantly discovering really cool blogs and peeking into the lives of some neat-o folks and then they want to give me something just for hanging out and saying I follow. Count me in! I am pretty lucky too. (I don't believe in jinxing myself so I am going to brag a bit). So last week I won this really cool bamboo pizza serving platter and a pizza coupon and this week I won a wonderful knitting book. To be more specific it is a book with knitting projects for babies. N is 2 1/2 and I doubt he will let me put him in a knitted cocoon. Oh and there is that little issue that I can't knit. I mean I am open to learning, it has to go better than my crocheting attempts. At any rate, I am a winner. And yes I can't seem to get the Charlie Sheen chatter out of my head now...WINNING!


  1. Congrats! Here are the odds of me winning:
    if there are 50 people.... -10 out of 50
    if it's just me and a prize... the prize will magically self-combust

    At least one of us is lucky!

  2. I think you should giveaway your giveaway (thought certainly not to me. I'm not much of a knitter, either)! You are always so lucky... I wish some of that would rub off on me. Alas :(