A Song in My Heart :)

For the love homework from Man, Wife and Dog we had to pick a song to share with our mate and document the experience. Easy peasy, right? Well I struggled with this one. There are just SO many songs that make me think of D. And since it could not really be "our song" that made it a bit harder. I couldn't decide if I wanted something that addressed our playful side, our super duper we have so many years/experiences side or the romantic side. Well lucky for me I remembered a song that is so sweet and always makes me think of him, "Watching You" by Ayo. It is such a pretty song about him being a gift to her and she always wants to have him by her side, just perfect for the sentiment that I wanted to share with D.
So since it took me a long time to decide I had to get busy to share it before we get a new assignment on Tuesday. After I put N down on Sunday night we got cozy on the couch and I played the song for him. His response? You don't do that, it's a cool song, nice. Did he gush? Nope. He seemed to like it but it wasn't super moving to him, at least it did not appear to be. And then as we were replaying the song so he could hear the words again the Osama bin Laden story broke the spell was broken. So I would not rate the experience a 10 or anything but I always enjoy sharing with him how much I love him. I think he appreciates that I do that more than one specific gesture. He enjoys that I am always loving him up. That my friends is a 10! Hope you like the song.



    It took me a while to listen to it, but I finally got a moment-to-myself in front of a computer that doesn't block the site and whose speakers actually work. Add that to your exercise list!

  2. @ms b- nice indeed.
    @C- yeah, totally number 11 on that list :)