whirlwind work week

This week was a doozie. I am glad I survived the madness. And for once it wasn't the kiddos. Ugh, the adults. All I will say is that if you are crazy (and I mean certifiably) please leave me the heck alone. Keep my name out of your mouth and carry on. Besides that I can put up with most anything they throw my way. I can teach the bigs or the littles, the brains or the other end, the sweet and the sassy. Give it to me and I can take it. The drama and the in-fighting and stepping on toes can be a bit much. I am looking forward to next week- it is short, the decisions have been made and hopefully the dust has settled!
I will say that watching the boys basketball game and seeing the kids super excited and victorious took away some of the bad mojo that was coming from the place. I left the halls in a happy place. I hope all of my colleagues are able to put the yuckiness behind them too :)

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  1. Glad you made it out to the game! They kick major booty.

    This was a crappy week :/ Hopefully next week will be better!