I consider all of the things that are undone and I could literally cry but that is not what this post is about. I mean not the obligations. The papers to grade, diapers to fold or tests to write. Instead this is about the things that are undone that I don't even consider because of the noise in my head. And these things are the things that I really want to do and see and enjoy. So post my trip there are a few things that have gone undone for too long and I want to enjoy them so my top 5 undone things are:
1. Reading a book for pleasure. I have some great books on my bookshelf and I need to read something that is not on a screen or a requirement for work. I need to read for me!
2. There is a great exhibit that I need to visit before it goes away in May. It is called America: I AM and D and I tried out to see it but it was the day that the county was engulfed so we never made it. Gotta remedy that one.
3. I want to bake/cook and give that love to someone in need. I feel like I haven't done that in a while and I have a dish or two that I would like to share.
4. Long walks, sunshine and warmer temps....gotta take them all in.
5. Letter writing. I will not let it be a lost art. Plus I have a bunch of folks I have to catch up with stat!

The next post won't be a list, I promise :P

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