Ten for Tuesday, my fam rocks!

I spent the extended weekend with my extended family and they have inspired this post!

1. My grandparents have been married for 65 years. How incredible is that? They are adorable to watch- it is cool watching pieces that fit so well together. A well-choreographed dance of how to treat each other. Inspirational.
2. Hanging with my cousins and making plans to hang out this summer.
3. Watching our children play together and love each other.
4. Attending church together. A family that prays together stays together.
5. Speaking of religion. The foundation that my grandparents have tried to instill in us on this front is great.
6. Having so many extended family members traveling to celebrate together. I am not lying when I say that they came by the suv-load. Cousins, aunts, great-aunts, nieces, nephews....awesome!
7. Part decor/party planning was so much fun. Black,white and yellow was just gorgeous!
8.Good eating, I could still be licking my fingers.
9. Orlando, 80 degree temps, toes out and sun dresses, fabulous!
10, You can really be in love with the same person from when they take your breath away until when you take your last breath...


  1. Your family is beautiful and you should be so proud to be a part of it--as I know you are :)
    Yay for 65 years and many more!

  2. I'm so glad you posted this picture! After catching up with you this afternoon, I was dying to see what your grandparents look like. I wanted faces to go with those stories!

  3. They do make a striking couple......a hard act to follow....proud to be a part of the crew!!! What a weekend full of fun and family!