tuesday zoomed by and brought wednesday

so since it is wednesday, how about wednesday wishes

I wish
i were a little bit taller, i wish i were a baller (opps, that was already used)

I wish
*I had a nice hot chocolate
*The evening was a little longer
*that my bestie lived locally
*my dinners would cook themselves
*Nico would listen the first time
*that there wasn't always something
*i could be more productive at work
*the ruffles trend could stay around forever

enough, better reign in my wishes....what are you wishing for?


  1. I wish T would stop with the attitude.
    I wish I could see you and Beeps more often.
    I wish this week would end.
    I wish I could get away to a beach somewhere alone.

  2. I wish it was Spring already--enough with these 28 degree mornings! I'm ready for some fun in the sun :)