monday, a list

1. i have decided that i am forgoing a menu plan for the week. this week will be a random one with no food plan. how will we survive? we will manage.
2. i have decided that i need to start carrying around my notebook in my purse. well i need to start carrying a purse again. this diaper bag to purse to diaper bag kinda stinks. and while i know n is getting big there are so many loosey-goosey things that i need for him that carrying a diaper bag just seems to work. but i am abandoning that for a bit. who knows how this only carrying a purse thing will go.
3. i am packing tonight. no excuses.
4. this warmer weather has a smile on my face. big smile. n and i have gotten a chance to get out and enjoy the weather. i think it is working for both of us.
5. ok, the MJ Experience has got me using my wii i tell ya he is BAD! that was for C.
6. thank you notes to write, many people to thank!


  1. You're packing what?

    You'll feel so much better once you change over to a purse :)

    Glad that Wii is getting some use finally!

  2. @Beeps, you are silly
    @M- going to Orlando this weekend. And the problem with the purse is I loathe huge purses and I still need so much. Oh the wii, had to read the manual. Pitiful!