Why I just may never leave the Burbs

Ok, I have never pretended to be a fan of city life. Yes, I appreciate the cuisine, happening night-life and abundant culture but and you knew there was a but coming...city life is maddening! What could be a simple task turns into a huge production. The mission: ear drops for my sick niece and a few edibles for my Momma. And calling it a mission is pretty darn accurate. First hurdle is parking. Yes, I could run in CVS and cover both goals BUT there is no parking at that store. Nope and if you circle the huge city block 3 times you still aren't guaranteed an illegal place to park your ride. Nope, you really aren't. So. I figure I will go to Target after all there is a parking garage. Well I think paying 1.50 for an 1 hour is pretty ridiculous but hey, I did so happily. Finding a parking space in this parking garage was a task in itself. But alas I was at Target. Could I be mistaken? Is it Black Friday, is Target giving stuff away? Nope, the lines and lines of people are there to do their regular weekly shopping. UGH and double ugh. This store must be ready for this swarm of people as I had no issues finding a basket, making my way through the bursting at the seams store was much more challenging. Food, check! Ear drops? Houston we have a problem. They did NOT have what I needed. I still have to go to CVS...you have got to be kidding me. There were glimpses of goodness. I found a line that was only 3 deep and I did remember my reusable bags- there is a fee in the District to get a bag from a store. The insanity continues with that one.
On to CVS. I parked pretty much a block away and hiked to the store in the frigid temps. Hoping I would not get a ticket as I refused to read and figure out how to pay the meter thingy. I did not have to check any bags with the armed police officer at the door. Good things I left my stuff in my car :P I found what I needed and after waiting behind a homeless man with a exceptionally large and overflowing cart and a woman who was disputing the cost of her film developing, I was on my way.
I feel like I went to war! It is no use fighting it, I am a Hostage of Surburbia and I like it!


  1. I'm totally there with you. Every time I hang out with my Aunt I am reminded as to why I live where I live!

  2. You and me both, lady! Bring on the suburbs!! I hope that -- mission aside -- you had a good weekend with your momma in town :)

  3. Toooo funny....... figured things were tough out there when the hours started slipping away.......but alas mission accomplished!!!!