10 for Tuesday! Oh so random!

1. Ugh, still exhausted after 2 days of work.
2. dreading the mad dash to get N to the dr before 2:45 tomorrow.
3. needing some excitement- the post holiday let-down is real my friends
4. happy to have N down and out in his own bed for 2 days in a row
5. excited to be seeing my Momma again this weekend
6. looking forward to seeing my girl Nikki G next week at Busboys and Poets on a weeknight in the city- how grown and sexy :)
7.loving the OWN network. Her initials spoke her destiny. There is nothing that she can't own including my admiration!
8. not getting my reality tv fix this week- where are my ATL ladies at?????
9. oversharing- trying not to be guilty of this because ugh.it.is .every.freakin'.where.
10. happy.hopeful.2011, I am ready for you!

1 comment:

  1. Let me know if you need me to cover sixth so your dash isn't so mad! ;)