Resolutions. New Year. New Opportunities :}

Well 2010 is behind us and 2011 is here to offer all the promise of a New Year. I welcome this opportunity to look back and look forward. Looking back on 2010, some of the things I am proud of are: getting better at the wife, mom, friend, teacher balance, enjoying a new hobbby (sewing), trying some new recipes, enjoying my community more and spending quiet time/ slow time with Nico. I hope that I am able to continue with some of the things that worked and tweak some of the things that need a little help to work better. An example of that is meal plan Mondays. I love planning what we are eating for the week. It helps me to focus on what I need and I don't come home so frazzled. I would like to improve this by meal planning on Saturday or Sunday. Saturdays are very laid back and if I did my planning on Saturday/Sunday I could grocery shop on Sunday and cook a meal or two. So my goal is t use my crock pot more and have 2 meals in the hole before the week even starts. Another thing that worked was making an effort in my relationship with D. I end 2010 feeling like we are very connected as a couple. Oh but there are many areas that need some work. So this year I will continue to work on ME!

-make time for ME (to write, reflect, sew etc.)
-eat better and move move
-lose some lbs.
-spend less
-save $
-spend time w/all the people who make me happy

-plan better
-grade faster
-find a way to make some extra $
-attend meaningful learning experiences

Momma stuff:
-spend more time enjoying N
-find more ways to have fun that are: eco-friendly, cheap and meaningful

eat dinner together, at the dinner table
pray together, worship together
date time with D

So here's to 2011! Have I got big plans for you!!

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  1. WOW! You have set out a lot of plans for yourself, but they are all so worthy :) I'm sure 2011 will be a great year for you and your family.