Day 1 of a New Day

Ok, I made a list and I have checked it twice. I did my meal plan and have laid out my clothes and N's clothes for the week. I feel ready. Not that I want to head back tomorrow, wth did my vaca go?But if I have to head back then having my lunch packed and some sort of plan is a good way to go. We went to church, had a nice hearty dinner and goofed around after our meal. Our year is off to an excellent start!


  1. Sounds like you're off to a great start! :)

    Hope 2011 is a great one for you!

  2. Ooh fun :) Everybody needs a little goofing off in their day!

    PS: My word verification was "healz"... cause that's what laughter does to one's soul!

  3. Hey! I know you're doing your meal plans. I saw this website and thought of you--it might make planning easier: