10 for Tuesday! This is what is floating around in my head.

1. Yikes, yikes, yikes one of my friends is about to turn 30! The Dirty 30! Is she ready? Can she handle the grown and sexy-ness of the 3-0? Only time will tell :P No worries, to quote Jay "30 is the new 20."
2. One more day until I get my new hot water heater. I am so close I can taste it. It has been a long haul to get to this moment. I doubt I will ever take hot water for granted again.
3. My resolutions. I am trying to work on my resolutions. They really are work too.
4. Someone wants what I have. ANd what is cool about it is I don't have to make some grand scheme to keep it, it ain't going no where. I have had it on lock since '92. Take that. Take that!
5. Trying a new recipe tonight. Hope the orange beef is tasty.
6. Loving N's new school. I dropped in early today and he was having a ball. The teachers were being so nice and his friends were enjoying him. So thrilled.
7. I haven't used my sewing machine in '11. Gotta remedy that but my mind has not been in the game. Ugh.
8. I need a vacation. Work is well being too much like work.
9. I would love to drive a Chevy Volt. Not because I actually like them but the name is cool. Volt, so electric.
10. Repairs: boots to get the heels fixed, watches (yes Plural) that need new batteries and I could go on but why :O

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