so you look up and a lot of time has passed

Sorry about being away. I have been so swamped. Then when I had a moment, I felt like being away for so long required a great post and that is some real pressure. Or I had a moment and moment seemed too short. Well, I am putting that all aside and just typing. Hopefully what I have to share will be worth it. You can humor me if it isn't m'kay :)
The end of the school year was a blur of activity and obligations. I do it to myself every single year. I leave so much writing and grading down to the wire and I like to have these creative finals. Yeah all that equals a stressed out mess. Layer on a nagging shoulder pain situation and I was begging for the school year to rap up. I did get some help from some unexpected places and my students were very cooperative. It was a busy time.
The end of the year was not all boos and self pity parties either. We had a few staff celebrations that were fun and festive. My niece graduated (if you can call it that) from the lower school and she was such a poised little graduate. She was practically the only little girl who managed to sit appropriately. I loved her white eyelet dress. It just screamed graduation to me.
Let's see, what else?  We went to Rehobeth, DE for a beach getaway. It was a nice trip and we got some sand in our toes. Certainly what the dr ordered for this lady.
We went to a fantastic wedding that truly felt like a date. My hubby and I danced the night away. Fun times.
I made a little lap quilt for my friend/co-worker who is abandoning me (she calls it retirement). It was fun to pull out the machine for someone who means so much to me. I will miss her support and encouragement :( But I am happy that she will get to sleep in and enjoy her family a bit more.
So June is off to an excellent start. If it is quiet around these parts it is just me trying to get myself in order. I do have some projects up my sleeve.

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  1. Did you take any pictures of the retirement lap quilt? I would love to see it!