Ten for Tuesday: Off Duty Momma

So my little one is off to with his grandparents for the next month and wow being kid free is the way to go ;)  I am so fortunate to have amazing parents who love spending time with their grandkids. He has a ball hanging out with them and they cater to him. The have already done the beach and he has managed to convince him that he needs all kinds of food that I never buy. Yeah, the living is easy now but the deprogramming will be quite interesting.
So when the son is away the mom will:

1. Sleep in. Guilt free sleeping in is so what I am enjoying.
2. Dating my hubby. It is amazing how this time allows us to reconnect and enjoy each other.
3. Sewing. I have some WIPs that need to get finished.
4. Reading. Pleasure reading here I come.
5. Lunch dates with my buddies. If you haven't already done so and you want to hang out with me you better get on the calendar it is filling up fast :)
6. Exercise & fitness. I want to go to some classes that I have been eyeing.
7. Operation Purge & Restore- I have been busy organizing and clearing stuff out. It feels AMAZING. I have finished all of the kitchen cabinets and the pantry. Looks stellar. Going to do the fridge tomorrow,
8. Write.
9. Enjoy the NBA Finals. Go HEAT!
10. Focus on my hubby. That bears repeating. I love that man.

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  1. This sounds like heaven :) i love your list!!! enjoy yourself, you deserve it!!