Post-It Love

Well a cute blog (Man Wife and Dog Blog) I stumbled on yesterday is all about growing your marriage. Ok if it is about making the 'til death better, I am all in. I have no issues showing my love on post-its. I have left him notes on more than one occasion on those little yellow pads. There was the time I left notes all around the house while I was away on a trip. He was finding notes everywhere: medicine cabinet, pantry, sock drawer- you name it. Or the time I left some notes in his car. I will say getting the homework task as a challenge added on the stress. What could I say? I love you seemed too simple. Sexual stuff seemed too cheesy. As I was pondering this dilemma in the shower I came up with the perfect one. Along the lines of him being the man of my dreams. Well in the morning as we are getting dressed and coincidentally while I am looking for post-its that were not mini size. He starts telling me how horribly he slept and how his dreams were so vivid and unnerving. So scratch that whole man-of-my-dreams idea. Still looking for the post-its, listening to his dream story and replaying the antics of the last night. It hit me. He makes me smile, laugh out loud and get school girl giddy. He makes me smile. That smile that makes your eyes sparkle. I love him for that and for so much more.
So I put the note on the post it and stuck it to the door. We both smiled more tonight. I like it!


  1. Thanks so much for joining the Love Homework Link Love party!!! Glad to have you. You can find a new "Assignment" every Tuesday for inspiration. I'm following your blog now too!!

  2. Love it! I'm going to investigate this blog later, too :)