10 for Tuesday!

well since i spent most of the day feeling like it was monday this one is a bit unexpected, but here goes...
10 annoying things about Facebook...

1. The constant format changes, ugh.
2. The random friend requests you get from the spouse of one of your friends.
3. The people who do not have profile pics and they have the most common names ever...James Smith, I am going to need a picture to refresh my memory.
4. The people who post ass backward things about my President...don't get a virtual beat down.
5. Friend request from co-workers who are ok but are not the people who I need in my personal life.
6. All of the farmville, horoscope, mafia wars and gifts that people get obsessed with and you have to hear about it. Why don't you not hit me with a pillow for 30 pts.
7. The relationship status... like what comment is appropriate for someone who goes from engaged to single or its complicated. complicated? really?
8. The ads. They are not obnoxious but I think it is creepy how they are ads that are targeting me.
9. People who over-share. You can keep some business to yourself.
10. The events area, man life seems pretty pitiful when you don't have anything going on and your FB page reminds you you are a loser.