because i miss you, because i love you and because i came across this today while cleaning. and yes, i know it wasn't quite like this but it is here because it should have been. (ZNJ)

childhood innocence

summer days we sat and swallowed watermelon seeds waiting
to see whose stomach would explode into ripeness
remember how you held a mirror to the sun
and asked me to shield you from the brightness
so often we interlaced fingers and recited nursery rhymes
from preschool days
days spent giggling, with you across the hall
always peeping through the opening looking at me
and me looking back
everyday we sat on the pier and you braided my hair
asking me to sit still so you could decorate me
with flowers we picked from the field
you tried to hold in your laughter from jokes that i told
and failed only to let giggles burst from lips
painted raspberry by cool Kool-Aid
and we would smile noticing our shadows disappear
into each other
while mosquitoes nibbled our legs and we refused to go home