10 for Tuesday...SPRING BREAK!!

There are so many phenomenal things about Spring Break and it is only Tuesday. I will say that it is a bit strange to be home instead of traveling but we are enjoying the slower pace of things.

1. I did not dread Monday am. I actually welcomed it. We snuggled in bed and did not get up until 7:45! That alone was heaven.
2. 11 am chats with my Bestie are a great way to laze around.
3. Walking, jogging and enjoying the park.
4. Staying up way late and surfing the internet without the pressure of, "my goodness it is 12am and I need to be asleep seeing as though I only have 5 hrs left. what the heck? 4 and a half hrs"
5. planning activities with Nico. Tomorrow we get to do story time and then head to DC. Awesome!
6. Watching Maury Povich and guessing paternity status.
7. Cooking dinner. I enjoy it so much more when I haven't worked all day.
8. Mid-day grocery shopping. It is so much better when people are not zooming by me to grab their dinner fixin's and better for me when I can leisurely read ingredients.
9. Getting to hang out with my sister mid-week. Such a rare treat since we are both too swamped on work days to make it happen.
10. Spring Break brings milder temps, blooming plants and more sunshine. Just gorgeous. Thank you Mother Nature!

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