The Journey

A few months ago I bought a great book The Love Dare about building up your marriage. It is based on integrating prayer and spirituality into your marriage.I showed it to D and we never really got into it. I hope that we revisit it because I truly believe that it is a very useful tool. So in researching the book, I found out about a 40 day Love Dare that you can do by yourself. I think I am going to do it and not tell D. I want to see how he responds to these gestures and my improvements without him knowing what I am doing. Will our relationship grow and improve as a result of The Dare? I hope so. I am always down for a good journey.
And for those who are wondering. We are not in a bad place and I am not mad at him. I was doing some soul searching and without working at it nothing improves. I am all about improving us and strengthening our foundation.


  1. I have the same book. C and I looked over it and he didn't think we needed to work through the book... men will be men, no?

  2. @M, I totally understand. I am excited about this one since it is just me. I will keep you posted.