10 for Tuesday...back in the day

Today's post is about 10 memories from back in the day. Enjoy!

1. Going to Universal Studios with my Momma. Everyone should take a mother-daughter trip. We did and we had a great time, I have the pictures to prove it too :)
2. Going to NY with Z freshman year. We wore flannels, we stayed with virtual strangers and we shopped with money from who knows where. It was Z's first time in the big apple. A true once in a lifetime experience.
3. Toilet papering our high school for a senior prank with Lori. Imagine keeping a straight face the next day in class, not easy.
4. Reading books by night light and talking with my sister when we had to go to bed. We used to write messages on each others backs and you had to figure out what we were spelling. Fun times.
5. Taking art at RR Moton. My teacher was so cool and encouraged us to tap into our creative spirit.
6. Running out to meet my daddy when he got home from work. He would always bring me those hard candies and he was so happy to see me.
7. Getting my neon phone. I wanted that thing so bad. The downside, the room would light up when the phone rang, not good for late night phone calls.
8. My roommate freshman yr who used to tell me, "I need Jesus" and get annoyed when I listened to my music.
9. Going on the dinner cruise for Jennifer's birthday. We felt so grown-up and I remember thinking I was looking SO cute.
10. Trying to buy liquor before we turned 21 and pretending we could not understand the store owner when she was asking for id. She sold us the Boone's Farms and Lesli and I were sure we were drunk from the shared half a bottle we consumed.

So what are some of your back in the day memories that always make you smile?

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  1. One memory that really sticks for me and makes me happy is this one:

    When we first moved to the US and we had to leave everything in boxes for months until we found a place. All of my toys and favorite things were packed away and I never complained or said anything about it but my mom knew I was upset and went out and got me a bear. I knew my parents didn't have a lot of money to spend on things like that so for me that was HUGE. I still have the bear to this day.