10 for Tuesday...SNOW,ugh

1. Ok, I have been in since Friday I think it is safe to say I am getting batty.
2. They are calling for more snow, is that even possible?
3. Snow on the sky light is kinda scary.
4. People really do come together in this mess.
5. There are still dummies...hello, don't dig your car out and throw the snow in the street. That is just stoooopid!
6. Snow is better than ice.
6. I am glad the schools are out. Not just because now I don't have to go to work but really because I don't have to drive N in this mess.
7. I have watched more movies in the last few days then I did in all of 09.
8. We still have some goodies left. It is sad the amount of junk we have eaten during this snow storm.
9. Anyone have a guess as to when they will stop having the scrolling list of closings on the screen? I mean isn't it better to list the 3 places that are open?
10. If we have already made it through the Snowmaggedon, what are they going to call the 20 inches we are getting tonight?

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