~I clean before the house cleaner comes. Yeah, my house is that much of a wreck :) Anywho my little one exclaimed, " Wow this is the cleanest my room has been ever" after I cleaned it tonight. He is going to be over the moon when he sees how good it looks tomorrow.

~I haven't eaten like a madwoman this pregnancy but I often think about how amazing it would be to go plum crazy and then blame it on eating for two.

~I can't remember a gosh darn thing. I really can't. Yikes.

~All I want for Mother's Day is a day to myself without worrying about anyone else. Selfish me, huh.

~ The other things that I want for Mother's Day I have already covered: hair appt and housekeeper both  on schedule for tomorrow.

So, what confessions do you want to get off your chest?


  1. Confession: I want to eat loaded fries and follow it with a cookie sundae but all I can see since I've been dieting are numbers... these numbers don't look good :/

  2. LOL, one of my BFF's mom used to always do the dishes before her cleaner came! That's hilarious. I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day.