Ten for Tuesday~ Gratitude

So grateful for so many things, especially these 10.
1. My super amazing, wonderful husband. He has really stepped up and has taken the get er done attitude. I am immensely thankful.
2. Warm temperatures and sunshine. I am so much happier when I get some sunshine. Lucky for me it seems like winter is officially done!
3. Grapefruits. No really I am loving grapefruit and grapefruit juice more than one person should.
4. The great news that I am almost finished with my class. Granted I start another one before this one even finishes but I will be glad to check another class off my required courses.
5. Heat basketball. It brings me such joy to watch my team chasing another championship.
6. My little boy. He makes me smile for no reason and laugh like I am twelve.
7. Comfy shoes. Really tell me again why all my shoes aren't Naturalizers?!
8. Instagram. Such a fun way to be a nosy rosey.
9. My students. They are so flipping cool and it is nice to see how far our relationship has grown during this year.
10. My blog readers. Really , I love all of the comments and I have met some amazing women through this thing. I consider that such a blessing.

1 comment:

  1. Missed your posts! I'm grateful for your return to blogging :)
    I need to start back up on nonmommy although T's blog has been updated.