the only cure

The only cure for getting over not writing is to write. Yeah, having a blog post idea is not the same as actually posting. Life has been good and life has been busy. There have been so many positives to my summer that I am feeling rather blessed and certainly happy.

I have taken two trips this summer. I went on a girls trip with my sister and my niece to Cleveland for a baby shower. It was my first time going to Cleveland. It was nice to be away, pretty cool temp wise and we enjoyed each other. Just a nice time.

The following week my bestie and her family came to visit. I hadn't seen my bestie in 2 years (when does that happen!) so it was fantastic to set eyes on her. Our littles play so well together. It is great when the cousins make memories together. Our families took a trip to NY and wow we crammed a lot into that trip: Statue of Liberty, Empire State Bldg., Time's Square, Harlem and a Broadway play! Did I mention I am 7 months pregnant and NY was boiling hot! Crazy and not in the crazy, sexy , cool way either!?

My folks are coming today- in a few hours- and my house is rather messy. Oh well. Thank gosh, my parents can look past the clutter :)

How is your summer going? I miss blogging and reading blogs!

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  1. Missed your blog posts! Don't overdo the fun! Baby needs to stay put for a while longer ;)