I look up and it has been 3 months.
3 months away from this space seems like too long.
but then it also feels just right.
Perfect in fact.
But only because I have been away resting
and growing and nurturing
and resting.
While my sweet little new baby is growing
And while this pregnancy is so different than my first.
There is no real documentation of every moment.
I am still treasuring the newness and surrendering.
Allowing my body to lead me.
I felt the first flurries of movement
and everything is progressing so well
I am not feeling as beat down tired as I was
in the beginning and life is great.
I am happy to be back here.
Feeling more like myself.

Our newest little is due in September.

I do feel out of the loop in some ways, pardon me while I go and peruse all of the blogs I haven't visited in a long time! What have you been up to?


  1. Yay! I missed you in the blogosphere. I can't wait to meet little! Take care of yourself Mama and keep on blogging!

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!! What fantastic news!!!! Enjoy this special time!!!!!! i am so happy for you :)

  3. So Glad to see you back! And congratulations on your new edition : )