Ten for Tuesday: Confessions

Que the Usher circa 2004 , "These are my confessions..."

1. One of the best parts of my son having to wear a uniform is the perk of me solely shopping for myself at back to school time.
2. I have already been late to work once. Granted I don't teach until 2 hrs after my arrival time but still I haven't even been back to work 3 full weeks.
3. I suck at keeping date night on the calendar. My hubby and I need a matchmaker to set all of that stuff up for us. We manage to stay connected but the routine is just not us.
4. I have had the remnants of a manicure on my nails for a week longer than I should have. I plan to take care of it tonight but we shall see.
5. I love the reason to put my son to bed earlier at night. The getting into bed routine is such a chill time.
6. My bedroom is such a mess and I have NO desire to get it together.
7. I watch political shows and judge people who are not in the loop about politics.
8. I have a wee bit of an addiction to the computer and my iphone.
9. I keep my fridge clean just because I love the way all of the food looks in all of their assorted glass containers.
10. I have no desire to recreate all of the things I pin on Pinterest. I just like seeing all of the cool things out there.

So what confession do you want to get off your chest... I promise I won't tell :)


  1. Confessions: 1. I too have a giant mess in my room an zero desire to do a thing about it. 2. I took a nap instead of working out this afternoon and I don't regret it. 3. I buy Legos "for my son"

  2. confession: 1. i knew trash night was moved because of the holiday but didn't remind my hubby because he was going away the next night and i didn't want to take the trash out :)
    2. my bedroom is a disaster and i might need a shovel to walk by my side of the bed.