10 for Tuesday : Things I am liking

Sometimes you get all of this happiness inside of you and you can't believe that you have it so good. That's me. I am feeling all kinds of happiness and I hope it is catchy :)

1. I am LOVING that my son has finally gotten used to his school. Bonus points for being close enough that I can actually run home for a minute before pick-up and also share the pick-ups with the husband.
2. I am loving all of the coverage that No Doubt is getting since they have a new album coming out. Gwen Stefani is pretty dang cool.
3. Loving the Wednesday off. A mid-week day off is the best :)
4.I am liking the way that my hubby and I are partnering. It makes it easy when we are clicking.
5. Loving all things mustard. Although this trend has been going on for a bit, it makes me so happy that I am glad it is sticking around.
6. Liking the many bags of give-aways that I have bagged up to be picked up tomorrow. Yay, for scheduled pick-ups. Much easier than dropping anything off.

7. Totally liking having all the ingredients to make this Starbuck's knock-off drink: Please, oh please taste like the Passionfruit Lemonade that I like from SB.

7. Instagram. Really what is not to like? Thanks to Instagram, I learned that D.Wade the NBA Champion and my favorite player from the NBA Champion Miami Heat (my favorite team) was in town signing copies of his new book. Hello happy autographed book to me. It was awesome.
                                              look at that line I stood in!

8. Liking spontaneous adventures with my son. The zoo and Starbucks was quite a happy afternoon.

9. So liking all of the organizational things I did this summer. The other day I was not even horrified to go under the kitchen sink.

10. Loving getting back into journaling. I have been on hiatus and it feels good to be putting pen to paper.

What are you liking these days?

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