feeling focused

My last post may have seemed like a cry for help because a few folks have called me and offered their encouragement. Thank you all a bunch. Means a lot. A lot, a lot. This adjustment period does seem to be plowing along and I have had some awesome days at work this week. I had the opportunity to check off some big things on my to-do list and that feels good. This weekend holds some promise. My hubby and I are going out like grown-ups, in the middle of the day on Saturday. I am even wearing jeggins! :) (a first). Monday is a holiday so we are off but my son's school is open so off he goes. Those few hours will be like my birthday and Christmas all rolled up into one. Speaking of my son's school. He finally headed off without eyes filled with tears. This is relieving a HUGE amount of stress and Mommy guilt that I was feeling. So just wanted to let you guys know that life is good. I am super happy and getting my groove back! I even think I am going to sew something, my machine may protest in shock.


  1. :) So glad things are looking up! Rock those jeggins and enjoy "me" time!

  2. Glad things are picking up. Enjoy your free day! :)