Died and Went to Heaven!

(the Hershey's that he had to pry from me :)

My awesome and super wonderful husband took today off to just hang out with me. I feel so loved :) We wanted to do something fun and being the thrill seekers that we are, we decided to visit Hershey Park in PA. Neither one of us have been there before and it is only a short 2 hr drive. My review of our day is that it was much-needed and well appreciated. We started off by getting discount tickets from the grocery store- that saved us 22 bucks! Not bad at all. It must have been an off day- maybe the reported summer scorcher had something to do with it- because there were NO Lines! Did ya hear me? No lines. We were given the vip treatment and just strolled up and hopped on the rides. Great! There were certainly some thrilling rides. I don't pretend to be the best partner on them things, I close my eyes and curse him the whole time for getting me in that predicament. (Not real curse words, just to be clear) But yeah, I moan the whole ride and then proclaim what an incredible time I had. So we rode rides, ate expensive but BLAH food. Indulged in ice- cream (Turkey Hill, yummy) and cotton candy...on the same day, wowza! Walked the park for over 13,000 steps (thank you pedometer), went to the zoo and even went to Chocolate World to see how they make their chocolate. Well we had a blast! I had the best kid-friendly but childless date possible. I did ask him if he was feeling guilty as we passed family after family with stroller. We both had absolutely NO guilt, does that make us bad parents? I am proud of us for not loading the entire back of the SUV with chocolate. I thought about it but we left the park sans chocolate. I am still kicking myself over that one. Well it is only a short drive away....
(scenes from the tour, bottles of syrup calling my name)


  1. You're not bad parents...you're smart parents ;) WHen we went with T there really wasn't much he could do there and we couldn't go on the rides. SO glad you could take time for yourselves! No chocolate is a sin.. how could you leave without anything?!

  2. Ooh yummy! As a kid we went there every year, so I have fond memories of the Super Duper Looper. I can't believe you didn't get a S'more while you were there!!!!