Bad Blogger

I am in Vegas with my bestie, yay for fun trips. On our first full day what did we do? Hit up a thrift store!! Fun times. The store was HUGE and quite well organized. None of that creepy, closed up goodwill smell either. It had pretty cool furniture, a decent women's section but you know what it was lacking? Pyrex. Not one single piece. Ugh! The nice salesperson told me it goes fast and she even went in the back to see if they had any that had not made it out to the sales floor. No luck. She did find some Corning Ware (anyone care to fill me in on the difference between the two and yes, I tried Google) that was in excellent condition. Not a win for my Pyrex hunt but certainly the kind of place that made the browsing easy.
What was really interesting about the place was on the entire top floor were several artists shop/galleries. The little ones toured each spot and really enjoyed the art. It was certainly cool.
I walked out empty handed and this is what makes me a bad blogger is there were so many cool things to take pictures of and I did not take one single picture. I promise I will do better.


  1. What fun! Next time I'm in Vegas... I'm gonna make sure to visit!

  2. I'll forgive you for the lack of photos this time...but Beeps is beating you ;)
    I feel like I'm traveling to Europe with her... come on, take me to VEGAS baby!