10 for Tuesday!

1. Even though it is all yucky outside, I am feeling rather happy.
2. Saw some gorgeous pics of some gorgeous girls...I can't wait to see those images on my Christmas card.
3. The busy season has begun. Yikes!
4. I am trying to plan my evening better and they still run away from me. What to do, what to do?
5. We don't have any leftovers from Monday. Did we eat that much or did I cook that little?
6. Some kids I really like have already gotten into some colleges. I get so excited for them. I hold out such hope.
7. Jessica Simpson is engaged. Why is that incredibly funny to me? Maybe they will film it for E.
8. My brain is constantly going. A million miles a million thoughts.
9. People amaze me. Their resilience, generosity, spirit...amazing.
10. There is no time like the present! Life is no dress rehearsal :)


  1. You are just SO spunky today... love it :)

  2. I am getting tired just reading your list......