Bad, bad blogger! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. To be honest I have been spending all moments kissing on Nico and hanging out with R that I haven't had the energy to blog. Oh well it is a new day, heck it is a new month so let's get back to the grind. So this will be very random as I have so many things to share :)
* Ok, have you ever ordered anything from Home Shopping Network? Or a something like that? I feel like I have before. Maybe once and it was scrapbook stuff. Well yesterday I was SO tempted. I am sure it was the constant reminders from a company and just the intrigue of it all but I was so tempted to call in and purchase......... Mary J. Blige's perfume, My Life. Yeah, I did not but it was a sure test of willpower. I am not even a perfume person but something about her selling it and only to HSN and her talking to the viewers made me want to get. Also Carol's Daughter ( an amazing, amazing company who makes so many things I LOVE) was sending out reminders on FB. They almost had me!
*I am really enjoying sewing. It is so fun. I enjoy making things with my hands and making stuff for my little one is the best. Next to sewing, reading sewing/crafting blogs is so inspiring. There are so many talented people on the interwebz. I am so inspired. Stay tuned for some great things from the kid :)
*TI is married. Le sigh.
*I am having a reality tv conflict...so many shows are on at the same time. And I refuse to dvr the insanity so each night I have to pick one. Choices.Choices.
*I have a jam packed week ahead. Looking forward to seeing some buddies.
* My friend reminded me I have 3 weeks until I return back to work. Double yikes.
* I so enjoyed spending time with my folks and grandparents. My grandparents are so cool. They have been married 64 yrs. Did you hear that sound? Yeah, it was my gasp of astonishment. I know they say until death do us part...but 64 yrs. I can't imagine.

Well, that seems like info overload to me. Gotta go.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you've sewn! I haven't had time to sit and sew since my home improvement projects have taken over. I agree that sewing for your little one is the best ;)

    Thanks for coming back to blogging.. it was getting lonely out there.

    Oh and congrats to your grandparents for being together that long. That is truly an inspiration...