yay! yay!

I am so happy. I picked a new dentist. This lovely dentist comes on the heels of a craptastic dentist who always made me feel rushed. He was the pits. I went in and complained of tooth pain and he saw nada. He was very relaxed and didn't see what the issue was. I felt the pain and I knew something was the matter. Well, today I went to a new dentist who was great and she determined that the filling is old and needs replacing. Yay! While the pain was not consistent, I always trust myself and I knew it. Yay, for getting rid of that other buzzard and double yay for finding a new dentist who seems pretty good so far.


  1. Glad you found a nice dentist... I have yet to find one. I've had horrendous experiences so it will take a while...

  2. Wahoo! Doctors NEED to have patience and respect what we come in complaining of. I'm so glad you found someone that makes you feel "taken care of"! PS: I miss you! I'll be back in a week :-p