10 for Tuesday! Why I LOVE being Nico's Mommy!

1. His expressions, he knows trouble and he knows those eyes are his get out of it free card. I fold, he wins.
2. His laugh. This boy is so happy. He is always laughing and I love it.
3. The small little hugs he gives me. When he just reaches over and hugs me without prompting, love 'em.
4. He makes the days fly by and go incredibly slow at the same time.
5. He notices everything. The wonder in his eyes as he looks at the world. Amazing.
6. Play time. It is so fun to party like a kid. N gives me that chance.
7. Him sleeping in my arms. That is what they mean when they say sleeping like a baby- the way it feels holding him and the peace that you feel when you have them in your arms. Don't actually confuse it w/ the amount of time a baby sleeps.
8. Watching him grow and change and realizing just when I think I can't love him more I do.
9. The way he looks at me. I am the sun, moon and stars to him. That is so cool.
10. He is not afraid of anything. He hasn't met a beat he hasn't swayed his bum to. He has no issues sharing his likes or dislikes. He makes me love more and sweat the small things less.

I just love this boy!

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