Meal Planning

Like many other folks, I am going to try and do better about planning our meals. A plan will help us not waste so much time thinking about what is do dinner and wasting our dough at the pizza place. You see what I did there ;) I would like to incorporate things like meatless Monday and theme nights but not now. Right now I am working on operation use why we hve in the overflowing pantry. Plus I had the best grilled cheese sandwich so you may see a couple if soup and sandwich nights around these parts. Oh and it is freezing (doesn't help that we just spent the last month in Florida with temps in the 80's) so you will certainly see some warm weather meals too. Maybe those things are a theme in themselves: Pantry Purge and Warm Me Up. Anyway here is my menu for the week!
Sunday- Meatloaf, roasted veggies and roasted potatoes
Tuesday- Chicken with black beans and rice
Wednesday- leftovers
Thursday- chicken tacos 
Friday- Burgers and fries

How about you? Planner or no?


  1. I'm a planner in every aspect of my life... except this one. I fail at this. If this works for you, teach me your ways ;)

  2. Great minds do think alike. I just posted my meal plan today. Planning is a great way to keep me from eating out so I try and plan every week.