the pursuit

of creativity.
your passion.
of life in general.

Today was a fantastic day. I mean really, really good. Not because something super duper special happened but rather because I was reminded of the pursuit. We had a poetry presentation from a local published poet. He was good and his work was easy to read/relate to. My students really enjoyed it and I think they got something from it. It was cool. After school I got my hair done at a new spot. It was cute and they treated me really well. The stylist was very nice and she took so much time with me~ asking questions about my hair and haircare routine. She did a good job and I will go back. That was cool too.

Two very different parts of my day. Seemingly unrelated but in actuality they were rather similar. These people loved what they were doing. The poet was engaging and powerful and everything that he needed to be to pull in a room full of teenagers & the stylist was warm, and cool and all that you would want in a stylist. I left with more of a pep in my step. Both of them used their strong gifts to add a bit of polish to the world.

They were a needed reminder to pursue the creative things that I am passionate about. I needed that reminder. Do you?


  1. glad you had such an inspiring day! love when i meet people who love what they do, it is definitely motivating.

  2. I love those moments. Every time I pick up my camera and feel the rush and happiness it brings to me I am reminded that I have a different calling in life. I just love getting to know new people and capturing them with my camera. I'm just waiting for the right moment to take the plunge!

  3. I need to reevaluate WHY I do the crafty things I do, that I need to pursue them for the right reasons.

    Sounds like an inspiring day, though. :)