10 random things for Tuesday

1. Satisfied- my massive to-do list is taking a hit
2. Proud- how I feel when Nico does something amazing
3. Eager- for Friday to come so I can see my Momma
4. Free- for a few hours before it all begins again
5. Sad- missing my bestie-we need a LONG chat
6. Patient- a change is going to come
7. Lonely-my snuggle bunny hasn't joined me yet
8. Frustrated- I still have so much to do
8. Happy- N is going to a new daycare soon
9. Impressed- the conversation about school improvement is happening
10. Pleased- I like me and so many things about my life


  1. 5 Random Things:
    1. Love that your Momma is coming.
    2. Miss my chats with you
    3. Happy that you're enjoying N and that he has many good things happening.
    4. Proud for you that you're doing so well with balancing it all.
    5. Hoping to see you outside of work soon!

  2. What's with the school improvement comment???

  3. @M- thanks, love the 5!
    @C0 School improvement on the national level- Waiting for Superman and all of the discussions it is stirring up. I really want improvement in suffering school districts.