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Life is full. Feels like it is overflowing at times. A bit ago I adopted the mind set that I will only harp on the things that I have finished instead of the things that I haven't done. I decided that I would do it that way because quite frankly I ALWAYS have something that I can add to the to do list. It makes you feel rather defeated. So focusing on all of the stuff that I have done has been rather liberating. I say all that to say that so many times I have wanted to sit and blog but life gets in the way and I feel like I don't have any major things to share. At times like that, like tonight, I am hoping to return to the original purpose of this little blog and that is a place for me to document what has been happening in my life. Some days life is rather grand but by and large it is just a place for little ole me :)

My sister and my niece came over last night for a slumber party and we had so much fun. There is always something great about having another woman around, she gets it. Before I was even up good she had already taken my son out for breakfast. And this is where I must add that my son wakes up in the 6 am hour every single day unless he is getting up at 5! Yeah, sleeping in is a big deal in these parts. We managed to watch a movie, cheer on as the Heat beat the Pacers and take a trip down to the park. Just a great sleep over. These times are pretty special and even more so because my sister and her family are moving in the next month or so. I am pretty bummed but I know it is a wonderful opportunity for her/them. It will just suck (love that word choice) to have my girls so far away. We have been very fortunate to live so close and share so many events. I would not trade watching my niece grow up to the little teen she is for anything in the world. I am sad that my sister won't get to do the same with my two :( On the up side, we now have a great new city to visit and the means and time to do so. Life is a mix of the amazing and heart wrenching. The scales always seem to favor the amazing. I am grateful for that.
My little ones are doing great. Summer is almost here. AMAZING indeed!!

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